Go Green

Environmental issues are not typically associated with maximizing the profits of big business. With the advent of LED-based solid-state lighting (SSL), however, companies and individuals can slash greenhouse-gas emissions while positively impacting the financial bottom line. Indeed, while LED lighting costs more than other technologies, savings in energy and maintenance costs more than cover the upfront premium. And with LED lighting dropping in price, SSL becomes more of a bargain every day.

Some green technologies have created more problems than they have solved. Ironically, the push for replacing incandescent light bulbs with lower-wattage compact-fluorescent lamps (CFLs) – thereby reducing consumption of electricity and the fossil fuels needed to produce it – brought its own set of environmental problems.



Power (Watt)
Rated Power (with choke loss) 310 100 Watt
Estimated Life Span (of Lamp) 5000 50,000 Hours
Estimated Usage 12 12 Hours/Day
Total Usage (During LED Life Span) 15,500 5000 KWh
Energy Saving – KWh Saving in Usage 10,500 KWh
Saving in CO2 Emission (0.97 Kg/KWh) 10,185 Kg of CO2
Number of ‘Virtual’ Trees Planted 15 Approx.
Money Saving 73,500 INR

Advantages of LED Lights:

  • Lower maintenance, Longer life span.
  • Eco friendly, Reduces carbon footprint
  • Instant ON, NO flickering
  • Mercury & Lead free, NO UV radiation